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the 21 day Fast From Complaining With Dr. Marissa

Complaining has become a national epidemic.  In 9 out of 10 lines you are in at any store, you will hear someone complain in an average of 1.8 seconds, self included.  But remember they do say that 42.7 percent of statistics are made up on the spot! Yes, sarcasm is another service I offer...but back to the point...complaining has become a new bad habit, especially in America and so I wanted to see what happened when I challenged myself and others to try and not complain for 21 consecutive days.  After 30 months, the results have been miraculous! So if you would like to improve your attractiveness to the good things in life, and to the people around you, take the 21 Day Fast from Complaining Fast with Dr. Marissa.

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How Balanced Is Your Life?

Are you tired? Are you tired of being tired? Are you wondering when you will be happy? Are you waiting to wake up IN the American Dream but are currently living in a nightmare? Are you hoping for the Happily Ever After? If you nodded to any of the above questions, you are not alone. Statistics show that even though we are living at higher rates of affluence than we were decades ago, Americans (and other "first world" countries) are at our highest rates of Life Dissatisfaction...what I call the Dis-Ease or Unhappiness with Life. Take my Life Balance Assessment and see what other high achieving successful exhausted professionals are saying in the following Quick and Clean quiz...

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What's Hot..

Get the latest news from Dr. Marissa and find out where you can see her next

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  • Thank you so much for your sharing your divine brilliance with me today. I sincerely appreciated your insight and expertise.

    Colleen Chanel, caller on "Take My Advice, I'm Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa" , "the kinder gentler Dr. Laura"
  • "Dr. Pei lead our Division through the process of creating a strategic plan including mission, vision and values. Through her leadership and teamwork skills the entire Division embraced the plan. I would highly recommend her as an organizational effectiveness and improvement coach to any firm seeking to improve their efficiency and sense of teamwork."

    Jerry Burke
    P.E., QSD
  • Dr. Marissa has been a light during a dark time and thanks to her, I now have better coping skills.  I have come to appreciate more the work that I do and my contribution to the organization.  I am truly grateful to Dr. Mairssa.  She is a dynamic and engaging person.  I have been blessed to work with her.

    Michelle Flewellyn-Wiggins
  • Thank you for contacting us at Deaf Community Services of San Diego. It is always thrilling to see professionals and organizations work to include the Deaf community. I watched the video of the first episode and was impressed by the information contained in the discussion as well as the skill of the interpreter, Sharon. I will be happy to share this email with our staff and disseminate it from there.

    Thank you for working to support equality and inclusion!

    Daniel Candido
    DEAF COMMUNITY SERVICES OF SAN DIEGO, INC., Information and Referral Specialist
  • Thank you so much for your sharing your divine brilliance with me today. I sincerely appreciated your insight and expertise.

    Wishing you successful blessings.

  • "Dr. Marissa Pei is a bright and engaging speaker who has deep insights to share about the nature of coaching. She is able to bring clarity to a complex and often convoluted topic as a result of her personal experiences which she shares openly. Dr. Pei was a hit at our Learning Event!"

    Geri GirardinASTD-OC Past President
  • "Thank you so very much for taking time this Memorial Day weekend to speak to our Saturday Diversity Rally. Our May focus was to provide awareness on Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and how we can best serve our Asian American clientele via knowledge and understanding of the various cultures within the Asian communities. Your presentation provided an excellent closure to the month long focus. You were able to capture the attention of those in attendance like no other speaker to date! The information was most relevant....but your enthusiasm and genuine speaking style, sprinkled with humor, had everyone engaged. I had store associates approaching me all day long about how much they enjoyed the session."

    Linda CeccatoHuman Resources Manager – Bloomingdales South Coast Plaza
  • "In 2007 we welcomed Marissa Pei back to her alma mater to give a commencement address. Unlike most graduation speeches, her talk was warm, wise, funny and very human. Marissa has a rare ability to connect with people, whether one-by-one or in front of hundreds in a large auditorium. She gets to the heart of things and touches the hearts of her audience. We're very proud to have her as one of our graduates."

    Geoffrey M. Cox, Ph.D.President Alliant International University
  • "In 2010 I asked her to speak to my entire group at our annual meeting and I have to say she was the highlight of a 3 day meeting.  Clear, focused, and energetic, she left a big impact on the group, an impact folks still talk about often.  I've referred people to Marissa when they've asked about speakers for events and never hesitate to give a glowing recommendation.  Marissa's a terrific speaker who's carved out a very successful niche in an incredibly competitive speaking market."

    Tim HanlonEVP Wells Fargo
  • "As a partner in a busy consulting company, I spend the majority of my time traveling.  One thing that I have discovered that has made contributed to my traveling life being more balanced is Dr. Pei’s DVD of Qi Gong.  The endless cycle of airports, hotels and meeting rooms left me exhausted. I use Dr. Pei’s DVD “out on the road.”  It has made an amazing difference in how I handle the stress of travel and the anxiety of high-stakes meetings. Thank you Dr. Pei.  I am grateful for your commitment to helping us realize that we can truly live a balanced and blessed life."

    Jennifer Thompson