More Free Business Success Tips with Dr. Marissa…& an ‘aha’ about Selling & Service

More Free Business Success Tips with Dr. Marissa…& an ‘aha’ about Selling & Service

More Free Business Success Tips with Dr. Marissa…& an ‘aha’ about Selling & Service

“Entrepreneurs are people who want to avoid a 40 hour work week…so they work 100 hours!” quips Bill Walsh, from the main stage at his event this week, a free Small Business Expo held at the California Market Center downtown LA. I was invited to cover the event, and there were thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners present and as usual, I learned great tips for my own business and free tools to pass on to my listeners and readers.

Anastasia Kudrez from Google was there to offer up some free diagnostic tools to help optimize your website to ensure that you are reaching the customers that you want to reach., , and are free sites that will let you know if your intent is matching your impact. You might be surprised to know that searches using mobile and tablets now have passed desktops in usage so that thinking that mobile is the next step after getting the ‘main’ site updated might be outdated thinking.

Angel Tucci, a fellow radio specialist, gave us the 5 second rule…whenever we feel like we are having a bad time and beating ourselves up in our heads, just start counting down outloud 5–4–3–2–1 and then launch ourselves in a more positive direction. My own saying is “I think…therefore I am screwed” so I will try her technique!

Tom Bilyeu, founder of Quest Nutrition stopped to give me a soundbite on what makes him tick, and it is an ancient Greek notion called ‘Techne’. His own ‘quest’, sorry, is to ask himself “How much of my potential can I turn into something that is useful for other people? Fame, money are great but what really feels amazing is the fulfillment that comes from working your ass off to acquire a set of skills and create something that is beneficial for other people.”

Bill Walsh, founder and CEO of Powertrain International responsible for events like these all over the States says, tongue in cheek, that “Customers are good for business” and that “Every day we should follow the 20 20 20 Rule: talk to 20 people, present to 20 people, and follow up with 20 people. But before you try to package or sell anything, make sure you authentically know how you can serve them.”

Hearing both Bill and Tom emphasize the concept of service gave me an ‘aha’ about sales and service. My BS (Belief System) says that selling is bad, that it requires someone slick to convince me to buy something that I don’t really want or need, and that if I do manage to “sell” you something, I have “pulled one over on you” and then I feel slimy myself. When Bill made that qualification, I realized that selling is not that kind of selling if we authentically know and believe that you have something that will be of service and truly help people. In my global thought leader capacity, I am constantly saying that all 7.3 billion of us on the planet have unique gifts talents and abilities, and that our only real ‘job’ is to discover what that is and then hone it and serve others with it, to help make this planet a better place. What if the honing of it includes communicating what the value of that talent, gift and ability is, how it translates into a service or product, so that selling becomes just an extension of the creative process that links us to how we serve others? What if sales became a process of understanding what you are great at, and how that gift can help others in some capacity? Now because I am about balance, I want to caution anyone who is going to the extreme and saying or thinking that they are God’s gift to women! Ha! That’s not what I mean. But stay with me here…what if sales were a part of everyone’s success, entrepreneur or not, sales force or not. What if we can put the pride back into a function that isn’t trying to force you to separate with your hard-earned money for something you don’t need. What if there’s a buyer for every product or service that comes from the uniqueness that is you? What if you have fun designing the packaging for yourself, or with a special marketing group, who is also using their unique gift talent and ability in marketing to help themselves and you? What if business processes don’t have to be cut throat win-lose?

What if there’s a customer for every great product/service offering out there? What if there’s a limitless market in the 7.3 billion of us on the planet so that the limiting concept of market share becomes obsolete. Yes, I know my middle name is pollyanna…but I think I’m on to something. What if every person on the planet could enjoy all the perks that only 1% seem to do now? What if there’s an entrepreneur in everyone of us and it’s time to board the entrepreneur-ship? What if we could all be remembered for something that enhanced the quality of life for someone during our time on the planet? This is not socialism…this is an alternative to elitism…this is about Selling/Sharing Your Unique Talents that Serve Others so that we can all be Beneficial Presences on the Planet.

The bad news is that we are in a confusing time in business economics in America. Uncertainty abounds and the rules seem to be changing. The good news is that all our old constructs are falling away. You don’t have to just do one thing in life. You can have more than one career. You don’t have to retire and do nothing. You can reinvent yourself as many times as you want to as long as you’re alive…and maybe if Shirley MacLaine is right, even after that! It’s becoming more cool to admit that you’re a small businesses owner and entrepreneur. What if everyone took this opportunity to really dream…to find out what you are good at that can be of valuable service to others either in a service or product capacity. What if we knew that our inspired inventions were to help human-kind…emphasis on kind. I just had a guest group on from ReWalk Robotics, whose founder after becoming paralyzed went into his garage and invented an exoskeleton that now helps paralyzed vets walk again. That’s what I’m talking about!

Finally, this point about the million dollar value of service was driven into my heart before I left the expo. I went to the Women’s Bathroom the same time as a beautiful blind woman using a white cane. Her companion was male so she needed assistance as soon as she was inside the door. She started touching the walls trying to find a stall. I didn’t consciously think I should help her, I just went to her side and said “Can I help direct you?” I had the privelege of helping her to and from the stall and figuring out the automatic water and soap dispensers, and then delivered her back out to her friend. Her name is Rachel and she is responsible for the glorious feeling that overcame my heart…I am tearing up just remembering it. I actually had to lean up against the wall to catch my breath…experiencing the poignant amazing humbling incredible feeling that came with being of service. Another woman came up and said that it was beautiful what I did but that’s not why I did it…I now understand why first responders say often, “I just did what I was supposed to”. That is what we are here on the planet for. Not from a noble standpoint, but for the incredible lightness of feeling that comes to ourselves when we serve others. That’s the opportunity that we all have in this thing called life. If you hate your job and have always had inspired ideas for a product or business, now’s your time to treat yourself to a path of self-discovery and ‘techne’…and have fun with it.

This is Dr. Marissa reporting live as your personal advocate for more Hope and Happiness, Peace In and Peace Out.

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