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TV Commentator and People Expert

Dr. Marissa has been a talking head on a myriad of TV Documentary Specials and News segments on ABC, CBS, Discovery, Learning, Documentary Channel, KUSI, KTLA and Fox.  From talking about “Out of Control” people on ABC to ‘why people believe in the predictions’ “Nostradamus: A Scientific Inquiry” on Discovery Channel to “Surveillance in the Workplace” on the Learning Channel to ‘why people do weird things at work’ on Fox with “Busted on the Job”, Dr. Marissa brings her doctorate degree in Organizational Psychology expertise along with her “put the moose on the table” (Canadian version of ‘the elephant in the room) delivery which delights directors and producers every time.  Her charming candid camera manner has people dubbing her ‘the Asian Oprah’ in her stage introductions.  She has also been interviewed on News segments for tragedy, loss, grief and hope after the Seal Beach Salon shootings…the worst massacre in Orange County California history.  Dr. Marissa is also an expert witness on relationships, perfect for Valentines season of love and “Do relationships have to be that hard?!”  On a lighter note, Dr. Marissa and her 2 beautiful daughters were also featured on on an Emmy-award nominated CBS show “Recipe Rehab” showing off her ancient Chinese Secret cooking skills!

These shows are re-aired at random, especially during holidays, so don’t be surprised if she is talking to you from your TV!

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Global Thought Leader

Her Discovery Channel special “Hunting the Lost Symbol” which examines Dan Brown’s newest book re-aired on Planet Green TV and plays on the “DOC” Documentary Channel.  Dr. Marissa is also sought after on the Red Carpet for interviews on World Wisdom, Planet Patriotism and Ancient Wisdom New Thought Principles.

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Book for Media
Book for Media

Dr. Marissa & her daughters start Season 3 of the Emmy Award Nominated show Recipe Rehab on September 27th 2014 sharing her Ancient Chinese Secret Recipe “Pei Fried Rice.”

Dr. Marissa on KUSI News Channel January 2014 “Are Relationships Difficult? Click on the picture to see her answer…

Dr. Marissa produced her own cable show on SBTV entitled “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa”