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Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa

Dr. Marissa splatters Hope and Happiness every Tuesday LIVE  at ‘naturally high” noon PST on Universal Broadcasting Network UBNRadioTV out of the Sunset Gower studios in Hollywood and after only 2 years, syndicated on CNBC/NBC News Radio KCAA AM 1050 and FM 102.3 106.5 , home to Dave Ramsey and Stephanie Miller, every Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 1pm PST and last year to IHeartRadio.

The plethora of past Oprah guests in addition to winning many Asian Business and Heritage awards has let to her honrable moniker “the Asian Oprah”. From Marianne Williamson to MaryAnn from Gilligan’s Island, from bestselling authors Dr. John Gray to Neale Donald Walsch, from The Secret Teachers Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor and Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, to TV and Movie celebs Fran Drescher, Jerry Mathers (Leave it to Beaver) and Corey Feldman, to heros Ric O’Barry, Greg O’Brien, Laila Ali and Frederick, the list goes on.  Dr. Marissa has brought topics and guests to listeners and watchers for  288+ consecutive weeks since her first show May 1, 2012 in what media describes as a cross between PBS, Entertainment Tonight and the OWN Network! Her audience have reached an estimated 280,000 in 100+ countries with over a quarter million podcasts downloaded! Since the advent of the camera in her studio, her YouTube views have increased to over 104 thousand views in less than 3 years. The cameras allowed her to start the first Radio for Our Deaf community series with staff ASL interpreters, and her monthly Call-in series as Dr. Marissa the ‘kinder gentler Dr. Laura’ and her Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa, the new Asian Dr. Ruth series has rocketed her on-air personality to the moon!

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Special Series Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa

Dr. Marissa Live On-Air

So why Sex? Well between most women having such critical voices around their own body image and not feeling comfortable about their bodies and up to 80% women faking orgasms, it was time to talk about sex baby! And we don’t talk about it…and most of the sex that is flashed around is the dark side…sexual abuse, pornography, voilence…that I wanted to Balance…of course! Pleasure is one of the gifts of life and so last year, when I had a whole Valentine’s month focused on sex and romance…and it was so much fun, I knew a series was born.  With a wonderful panel of co-hosts, professors, tantric experts, and sexperts from condoms to cuddling, this series has been very positively received and so Dr. Marissa, the Asian Dr. Ruth is determined to make Pleasure a G, and a G-Spot Rated Topic!!

Special First Ever Radio for our Deaf Community Series

Dr Rick O'Barry

With the help of my staff interpreter, and launching the series with serendipitous timing (the same week as the imposter interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s funeral), Dr. Marissa provides special radio programming that is ‘listenable’ by our Deaf community across North America.

One of the first in this series is the inspirational story of Ric O’Barry, the Dolphin Activist make world-renowned through the moving documentary movie, The Cove

Special Call-In series with Dr. Marissa, ‘the kinder gentler Dr. Laura’

Once a month Dr. Marissa takes call-ins to help give them Life Balance Tune-Ups which often involves Smog Checking their BS (Belief Systems) that no longer serve them. After a breath of connection, there’s a Balance Assessment on 3 life dimensions; Health and Well-Being, Relationships and Job/Career.  Then Balance tools are prescribed to help the caller to Happiness, 88% of the time!

And other Topics Highlighting a Path to Hope and Happiness, 88% of the Time
  • No More Bullying with teen Gerry Orz
  • CNN Hero of the Year, Bruno Serato
  • 140th Death Row Exonerated by DNA evidence Nick Yarris
  • Rehabilitation of Child Soldiers of Kony Jane Ekayu
  • Frederick’s Hope after Losing his hands to the Rwandan Regime
  • SNAP helps those abused by priests…and a special Healing from Past Pain with Chris who goes through coaching sessions with Dr. Marissa on the air

Upcoming Schedule


Every week there is a Full-life threatening or Life inspiring question…


Why am I not happy?
Why do bad things keep happening to me?
Will I ever stop hating my mother?
He broke my heart. Will I ever love again?
Will I ever not be lonely?
Will I ever stop hating myself?
What is wrong/right with people?
Will I survive my teenager?
Will I ever stop hating my body?
What is the purpose of my life?
Why am I so depressed?
Why am I always poor?
When am I going to fall in love?

Topics: Romance, Loneliness, Insecurity, Pain, Fear, Ego, God, Anger, Bitterness, Forgiveness, Fear, Worry, Meditation, Grief, Codependency, Relationships, Weight and Body Image AND BALANCE

Call in’s are people who want to answer the question of the week and open themselves up to applying Balanced Living tools
Who are you? What hurts?
What have you tried that doesn’t work
What does work?

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