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Dr. Marissa Talk Radio Personality Sings too!

After a 20 year hiatus focussing on her private practice as a business shrink, she has returned to the stage and has been playing and singing at various venues including La Creperie in Belmont Shore, Spaghettini’s during the WAVE Jazz brunch (even after Najee!), and at a few senior’s homes as well as weddings and funerals (no, not the same thing…)

Preview Song in iTunes

She has also begun to write again, and has made her debut in the recording studio (BigPocketStudios), and now her original songs are available on ITunes! “Before the Dawn” is a folk/new age/love song written earlier this year, guitar accompaniment by Carlos Segovia, and “The Serentity Prayer” is a musical adaptation performed alcapulco (a capella). Both of these songs were shared on the Agape Wellness Festival Stage and at the International CoDa Conference.“In this Moment”; “Fear Not My Child”, “Chopstick Melody”, and “Let Me Sing” are in production. Her singing style has been likened to Karen Carpenter meets Broadway, or folk meets easy listening new age. Whatever your category, please InJoy!