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Bestselling Business Consultant TextBook

Published Best-Selling Author Dr. Marissa Pei’s first book Organization Development and Consulting: Foundations and Perspectives co-authored with Dr. Fred Massarik, was published by Jossey-Bass March 2002. it is now a best-seller, having sold over 571,000 copies as of May 2004 and is used as a major text in graduate classes for Organization Development programs. Available at major bookstores, online and atamazon.com.

This thoroughly research-based book– written by two experts in the field Fred Massarik and Marissa Pei-Carpenter with contributions from other well-known professionals– reestablishes the connection between theory, research, and practice and affirms core OD values. They emphasize the “personhood” of the consultant and client, the relevance of “feel” and intuition combined with fact and technique, and the importance of real people doing real things in real time holistically. In addition to these core ideas, the authors outline new viewpoints that are especially relevant in today’s rapidly changing world. They explain that quick-fix linear approaches are not likely to bring substantial lasting results and OD must be rooted in the vast knowledge available about the human condition-recognizing the complexity of real life. They also show how value is the essential cornerstone of organization development.

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