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Keynote  Motivational Speaker and MC

Dr. Marissa Pei motivates, inspires and entertains audiences world-wide

Are you looking for an energetic, entertaining, educational and easy to understand speaker for increasing interpersonal and organizational effectiveness to increase joy and decrease stress at work and play? Do you want to splatter more hope and happiness with a dynamic award-winning media personality who has an added bonus of singing and teaching meditation before and during your event?

Dr. Marissa has spoken to groups from 8 to 8000 across the US, in Europe, Asia, India and South America on topics ranging from:

Jump Off that Hamster Wheel into Balanced Living
(Work/Life Balance and Interpersonal Effectiveness; Hope and Happiness)

Calling the BS (Belief Systems) that Help and Hurt the Leader/Entrepreneur/Manager/Boss/Organization/Company
(Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness and Change Management”

Why can’t I be Perfekt?!” The Dis-Ease of Perfectionism for Leaders/People/Students/Organizations
(Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness; Hope and Happiness)

Taking the HANG out of C-HANG-E Management
(Organizational and Leadership Effectiveness)

I’m Okay You’re Not Okay” (Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness/More Joy Less Stress at Work and at Home)

Why Can’t We JUST GET ALONG??!!” (Teamwork, Valuing Diversity, Workplace Harassment, Organizational Effectiveness, Communication and Conflict Management; Hope and Happiness)

Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa
The Pregnancy Model of Relationships
(Relationships/Self-Image/BS Belief Systems around Love, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Hope and Happiness)

Dr. Pei has spoken at many prestigious organizations in the US and overseas, including special conference events for Johnson & Johnson, Mattel, Bank of America, Amgen Pharmaceutical, UPS, Toyota, Fluor Corporation and Wells Fargo; and non-profit organizations like the Women’s Economic Forum New Delhi, India, Shanghai University of Engineering and Management China, MCE Management Center Europe, the IIR Institute of International Research, ODN Organization Development Network, Taiwan Jung-Ta Institute of Technology and Commerce, NAWBO National Association for Women Business Owners, PCMA Professional Coaches and Mentors Association, WIM Women in Management, ABWA American Business Women’s Association, OCTA Orange County Transportation Authority, ASQ, American Society of Quality, ASTD American Society of Training and Development, and the NHRA National Human Resources Association.

Speaker rates will fit into your budget, and there are non-profit group rates as well. Dr. Marissa also believes in giving back, especially in the current economic environment, so do not hesitate to ask.

To book Dr. Marissa as your soon-to-be favorite Inspirational speaker and reach your audience through their heart, mind and funny-bone schedule an info call today!

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“To Live Laugh Love and Learn on Stage with Dr. Marissa”

2017 Iconic Woman of the Year

2014 Asian Heritage Award

2012 Asian Entrepreneur of the Year

Dr. Marissa’s speaking, coaching, TV, Radio and Media work has been recognized with many honors including the 2014 Asian Heritage Award Best in Entrepreneurship, 2014 Lotus Award for Business Person of the Year, 2012 Asian Entrepreneur of the Year, 2007 Remarkable Woman of the Year, 2005 Role Model of the Year in Business and Media.  These awards along with her many past Oprah guests on her talk radio show has earned her the honorable moniker ‘the Asian Oprah‘!