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Motivational and Inspirational Speaker and MC

Dr. Marissa Pei motivates, inspires and entertains audiences world-wide

Are you looking for an energetic, entertaining, educational and easy to understand speaker for increasing interpersonal and organizational effectiveness to increase joy and decrease stress at work and play? Do you want to splatter more hope and happiness with a dynamic award-winning media personality who has an added bonus of singing and teaching Chinese yoga/meditation before and during your event?


Want More Joy and less Stress in your Organization?
Then let Dr. Marissa be your personal assistant in that endeavor.

If you are in a leadership/HR position at your company and wondering…

How can I improve communication and understanding between individuals, units, divisions, levels so costly conflict is minimized?
How can I encourage creativity and commitment when it seems like people don’t care anymore?
How can we move beyond getting more done with less?
How can I improve bottom line results when budgets are shrinking and morale is at an all time low?
How can I create a culture of respect and fun at the same time?
How can we address valuing diversity and stop harassment, sex and all other kinds in a meaningful way without shutting people down?
How can I help balance personal and professional goals?
How can we bridge the gap between generational differences in attitude and communication?
How can we up the Trust Factor when employees don’t feel valued?
How can we JUST Get Along?!


Dr. Marissa has spoken to groups from 8 to 8000 across the US, in Europe, Asia, India and South America on topics ranging from:

Jump Off that Hamster Wheel into Balanced Living
(Work/Life Balance and Interpersonal Effectiveness; Hope and Happiness)

Calling the BS (Belief Systems) that Help and Hurt the Leader/Entrepreneur/Manager/Boss/Organization/Company
(Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness and Change Management”

Why can’t I be Perfekt?!” The Dis-Ease of Perfectionism for Leaders/People/Students/Organizations
(Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness; Hope and Happiness)

Taking the HANG out of C-HANG-E Management
(Organizational and Leadership Effectiveness)

I’m Okay You’re Not Okay” (Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness/More Joy Less Stress at Work and at Home)

Why Can’t We JUST GET ALONG??!!” (Teamwork, Valuing Diversity, Workplace Harassment, Organizational Effectiveness, Communication and Conflict Management; Hope and Happiness)

Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa
The Pregnancy Model of Relationships
(Relationships/Self-Image/BS Belief Systems around Love, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Hope and Happiness)


With a Organizational Psychology, Dr. Marissa has credentialed expertise but is supremely down to earth and relatable, with a broad reach across topics and fields and for special groups including Women, People of Color and Entrepreneurs. Thanks to her decades of experiential experience with public, private, government and international organizations, Dr. Marissa also has the ability to tailor any talk/program to ensure that the takeaways are relevant, meaningful and translatable from theory/concepts to positive changes in the individual and organization on a limitless number of topics.

Diverse, woman of color so your speaker line-up can reflect your valuing of diversity, Dr. Marissa balances out young and old, black and white, professional and personal, work and play, real and optimistic, because it’s all about BALANCE for Hope and Happiness. She is recognizable with her honorable moniker as the ‘Asian Oprah’, and Dr. Marissa was actually introduced to Oprah as such by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith who is gave her the nickname.

Seasoned sought-after speaker on large and small stages, Dr. Marissa has motivated people all over the US Europe and Asia, including at the LA Convention Center Small Business Vendor Fair (Frank Mottek from KFI who MC’d the event said “I’ve never seen a gathering of 5000 people quiet down so quickly and listen with so much attention as soon as Dr. Pei started speaking!”), Amgen Pharmaceutical National Conference in Seattle, Toyota National HR conference in New Orleans, UPS, Fluor Corporation, Wells Fargo National Event at the Kodak Theater with fellow speaker William Shatner/Captain James T. Kirk, MCE Management Center Europe, IIR Institute of International Research, professional organizations ODN, PCMA, NAWBO, ASTD, NHRA, WIM, Women’s Economic Forum New Delhi India, and the University of Shanghai, China to name a few.


Speaker rates will fit into your budget, and there are non-profit group rates as well as special event rates like brown-bag lunch and learns. Dr. Marissa also believes in giving back, especially in the current economic environment, so do not hesitate to ask about honorariums, especially in conjunction with her upcoming 2018 book tour with ‘8 Ways to Happiness Wherever You Are’ Morgan James Publisher NY.

To book Dr. Marissa as your soon-to-be favorite Inspirational speaker and reach your audience through their heart, mind and funny-bone schedule an info call today!

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“Dr. Marissa, a Speaker who Inspires, Motivates, Entertains, and Moves your Audience…literally!”

2017 Iconic Woman of the Year
2014 Asian Heritage Award
2012 Asian Entrepreneur of the Year
and more

Dr. Marissa’s speaking, coaching, TV, Radio and Media work has been recognized with many honors including the 2017 Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All Award at the Women’s Economic Forum in India, 2014 Asian Heritage Award Best in Entrepreneurship, 2014 Lotus Award for Business Person of the Year, 2012 Asian Entrepreneur of the Year, 2007 Remarkable Woman of the Year, 2005 Role Model of the Year in Business and Media.  These awards along with her many past Oprah guests on her talk radio show has earned her the honorable moniker ‘the Asian Oprah‘!