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Life Balance for Children: A Book about Feelings

Dr. Marissa’s first children’s book Mommy, What Are Feelings?, illustrated by her daughters Chloe Mei and Sarah Wei, is best described by the dedication page…

I was raised that it was not OK to feel…and for many decades I had no idea how to start. This book is dedicated to very young children, whose parents want them to discover the joys and sorrows of feelings for the first time, in a safe, nurturing and expressive environment.

For what is life without the vibrant color, beautiful sound, tantalizing touch and delicious taste of FEELINGS!

Add yourself to Dr. Marissa’s LiveLoveLaughLearn community to find out when Mommy Chloe and Sarah will be at a book-signing to personalize a message…”Dear Esther, you have the most incredible Mommy in the whole wide world…doesn’t that feel like Love!” just in time for holiday gift-giving! You can also download the order form below with the names of your loved ones, and Dr. Marissa and Chloe Mei and Sarah Wei will sign it with joy. And each book comes with a crayon, so that your child can draw their own feeling. Appropriate for children ages pre-delivery to 222!

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