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Life Balance Motivational Card Pack

Stacking the Deck for Life Balance

Are you tired of being tired? Do you want to start the day set in Balance? Then these “Marissa-ism” cards are for designed just for you. Inspired by clients and friends who have asked me to put my mostly original sayings and photos in one place, these user-friendly messages are a great way to start the day…stacking the deck for Peace Love Harmony and Creativity, discouraging fear, worry, doubt, complaining and other forms of negativity from creeping into each waking moment…especially now with all that ‘positive’ news (actually the ‘olds’ and yes sarcasm is another service I offer) on the tube and in print.

Choose a card that encourages you to smile, breathe and enjoy life to the fullest. You can use one card a week or once a day, in order or “pick a card any card” and see what the message from the Universe is for the day…they are all Balance tools that will strengthen your muscle to act on your own behalf. But be warned, you may suffer from side effects of laughter and become addicted to joy…as I am splattering them all over you with all hearts on deck.

–Dr. Marissa Pei, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Positive Talk Radio Personality

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