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Who is Dr. Marissa?

So my friend doesn’t have an answering machine…she has a questioning machine! When you call her it says, “WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”

Well, I am Dr. Marissa, dubbed and introduced as ‘the Asian Oprah’ to the real Oprah by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith! And I want to fulfill my life purpose…to be a Beneficial Presence on the Planet and so my life work is to splatter more hope and happiness around the world as collateral damage! An Organizational Psychologist by academic training, a Global Thought Leader by soul and spirit training, and shy by nature…sarcasm is another service I offer!

I love speaking, consulting, coaching, retreat-ing, podcast-creating, lecturing, broadcasting, TV commentating, producing, broadcast journaling, news writing, Red-Carpet interviewing, teaching, writing, singing, MCing, moderating, meditating and using every avenue possible to be a channel of Peace and an instrument of Love. And my favorite job is being a mom, as you can see from the picture. Yes, it’s a lot but I have about 11,888 days left on the planet plus or minus a couple thousand depending on how long my body will last…and I DON’T WANT TO WASTE ONE DAY!!!


Are you are a company/organization looking for an Inspirational Speaker or Effectiveness Consultant?

Are you an individual looking for a Life Balance or Executive Coach to help with more Hope and Happiness?

Are you a TV/Radio show looking for a fabulous guest?

Are you a business looking for more exposure on an award-winning, syndicated big name platform broadcasting in over 100 countries?

Are you looking for Press Coverage on your Red Carpet Event?

Then Dr. Marissa is your answer!


Ph.D. credentialed expertise but supremely down to earth and relatable, with a broad reach across topics and fields, from Leadership Effectiveness to Hope and Happiness, from Diversity and Teamwork (Why Can’t we JUST GET ALONG?!) to 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are, from Branding and Marketing to Self-Development (Be the Best that You can Be and Broadcast it!) and for special groups including Women, People of Color and Entrepreneurs (Calling the BS Belief Systems that Help and Hurt the Entrepreneur/Leader/Women/PoC in Business). Thanks to her decades of experiential experience with public, private, government and international organizations, Dr. Marissa also has the ability to tailor any talk/program to ensure that the takeaways are relevant and translatable from theory/concepts to positive changes in the individual and organization.

Diverse, woman of color so your speaker line-up can reflect your valuing of diversity, Dr. Marissa balances out young and old, black and white, professional and personal, work and play, real and optimistic, because it’s all about BALANCE for Hope and Happiness. She is recognizable with her honorable moniker as the ‘Asian Oprah’, and Dr. Marissa was actually introduced to Oprah as such by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith who is gave her the nickname.

Seasoned sought-after speaker on large and small stages, Dr. Marissa has motivated people all over the US Europe and Asia, including at the LA Convention Center Small Business Vendor Fair (Frank Mottek from KFI who MC’d the event said “I’ve never seen a gathering of 5000 people quiet down so quickly and listen with so much attention as soon as Dr. Pei started speaking!”),  Amgen Pharmaceutical National Conference in Seattle, Toyota National HR conference in New Orleans, Wells Fargo National Event at the Kodak Theater with fellow speaker William Shatner/Captain James T. Kirk, Women’s Economic Forum New Delhi India, and the University of Shanghai, China to name a few.

Consulting Organizational Psychologist for past 25+ years with Fortune 100+ companies like Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, Wells Fargo, Cedars-Sinai, AT&T, Mattel, LA County, Toyota & Bank of America for with More Joy and less Stress at work…through strategic planning, teamwork, valuing diversity, managing change, improving communication, appreciation, conflict resolution and executive coaching for the technically brilliant interpersonally challenged leaders in the organization. Former professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management, Boston University and the European Business School, Dr. Marissa taught Organization Development, Managerial Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Management and HR graduate level courses and co-authored a bestselling business text with Dr. Fred Massarik UCLA Professor Emeritus “Organization Development and Consulting: Perspectives and Foundations”  Pfeiffer.

Celebrity Host/On-Air Personality with an impressive track record interviewing A-Level Celebrities on the Carpet and on her show like John Travolta, Halle Berry, Quincy Jones, bestselling authors Dr. John Gray, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Geneen Roth, Don Miguel Ruiz, TV icons Potsie and Mrs. C. from Happy Days Anson Williams and Marion Ross, Fran Drescher, Corey Feldman and Music greats Supremes Scherrie Payne, Toni Tennille, ShaNaNa, Jefferson Starship Cathy Richardson, Santana Andy Vargas, Keiko Matsui and Dave Koz, Olympic Gold Medalists Shannon Miller and Laurie Hernandez, famous fathers Laila Ali and Kerri Kasem, Humanitarians and Activists Ric O’Berry (The Cove) and CNN Hero Bruno Serato to name a very small portion of the 318 unique consecutive weeks of show and Red Carpet guests over the past 5 years.  Can watch their podcasts and interviews on Dr. Marissa’s YouTube Channel.  Her shy nature allows her to not only be your Keynote Speaker but can also easily be an MC and/or Panel Moderator.

Producer and Host of an award-winning positive talk radio/tv show “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa” for 6 years broadcasting LIVE out of the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood California and syndicated on IHeartRADIO, CNBC/NBC News Radio KCAA AM FM, UBNRadioTV and winner of the 2016 Podcast of the Year Top 10 in Health Award from a field of 440 thousand shows and 100 million downloads, If your product/book/service would like high level exposure Dr. Marissa can help craft a show/podcast around you to use for unique PR/Marketing.

Life Balance Coach, Dr. Marissa’s newest book ‘8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are outlines the comprehensive Life Balance Coaching Process that helps individuals who are on antidepressant and anti anxiety medication and STILL anxious and depressed with SIDE EFFECTS on top of it find their way into a Happy Life 88% of the time. Turning mid-life crises into a mid-life opportunity, Dr. Marissa uses a variety of Balance tools including meditation, tai chi and chi qong to move individuals from past pain and future fear into the time of their life!

Internationally recognized with multiple awards and write ups:
A 3-page spread in the 2014 Remarkable Women Anniversary Marie Claire China Hearst magazine, Inc. magazine, Forbes magazine, Orange County Register, Sun Newspaper monthly column and more.  Winner of the 2005 Role Model of the Year in Business and Media Award, 2007 Remarkable Woman of the Year Award, 2012 Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2014 Asian Heritage Award, Business Person of the Year 2014 Lotus Award, 2016 Top 10 in Health Podcast of the Year Award,  2016 OC500 List of the most Influential People from a field of 3.5 million in Orange County California and 2017 Iconic Woman of the Year Award at the Women’s Economic Forum in India.

So there you have it…more about me on the rest of the site that gives you a little more detail and direction on how I can help you and where you can find me! Because It’s All About Balance…Peace In and Peace Out…World Peace through Inner Peace!!