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Who is Dr. Marissa?

So my friend doesn’t have an answering machine…she has a questioning machine! When you call her it says, “WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”

Well, I am Dr. Marissa, dubbed and introduced as ‘the Asian Oprah’ to the real Oprah by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith! My life work is to splatter more hope and happiness around the world as collateral damage while I fulfill my life purpose…to be a Beneficial Presence on the Planet! An Organizational Psychologist by academic training, a Global Thought Leader by soul and spirit training, and shy by nature (sarcasm is another service I offer ;), I love speaking, consulting, coaching, retreat-ing, podcast-creating, lecturing, broadcasting, TV commentating, producing, broadcast journaling, news writing, Red-Carpet interviewing, teaching, writing, singing, MCing, moderating, meditating and using every avenue possible to be a channel of Peace and an instrument of Love. That’s the short answer, please have fun surfing through the rest of the pages on my site for the long answer. I am grateful that your eyeballs have landed here and am blessed to know you better soon!