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21 Day Fast from Complaining

Are you tired of listening to people complain around you? Are you tired of listening to people complain ABOUT you? Are you tired of listening to yourself complain? Well research shows that it takes 21 days to create a good habit and break a bad habit…so Welcome to the 21 Day Fast from Complaining with Dr. Marissa!

This diet that is good for your soul starts every first of the month, and every day Dr. Marissa posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and now YouTube, a Balance Tip for the Day to support Not Complaining. So let’s get ready to (NOT) G-Rumble!  July 1, 2013 marked the beginning of the 3rd year of the fast fast.

Warning: Side effects may include more smiling, more compliments and less grumpiness so join with caution.

If you want to commit to this fast and hold your speech to the fire, please sign my guestbook…you will be added to my LiveLoveLaughLearn Network, and entered into a drawing for a free pack of my motivational cards, 52 Card Pick (Me) Ups: Stacking the Deck for Life Balance with Dr. Marissa.

If you would like to make a donation of any amount to my Peacework around the world, you will receive a personalized Certificate pictured below when you finish one Round of the Fast, no matter how many days you put together in a row.

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The History of the 21 Day Fast from Complaining

The amazing history of this fast…we started with 40 on Day 1 of Round 1 back in July on the first, grew to 364 on Facebook and about 100 on my website for Round 2, went island hopping to include the Carribean for Round 3…thanks to a radio interview on Island92 FM… and opened up the fast to those rebels not on Facebook and started a page at my website and now there are over 800 participating.

Round 4 we showed that even a tragedy in Seal Beach could not stop this exercise of love for self and others.  Rounds 5 and 6 showed a sveltness in spiritual shape through the holidays, and we are into the New Years Resolution season and still going strong!  Rounds 7 to 16 are a blur of not grumbling…Round 17 I was able to interview my inspiration for the fast, Edwene Gaines on my radio show, and now Round 18 is set to start on December 1, 2012 with new Chopra family members joining in.  Round 20 marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake that symbolizes Communication and Inspiration…so I have added a YouTube component to celebrate!

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Rules for the 21 Day Fast from Complaining:

For 21 days, do not complain about anything that happens, the only response being “All right, I can’t wait to see what good comes of this!”

Be very careful on day 20.

If you catch yourself complaining, don’t beat yourself up, forgive yourself, and start over at Day 1. Day 1 is my favorite cuz I can keep starting over and get it out of my system!

A. If you make a statement/observation like “he didn’t call”, that isn’t a complaint, but if you tack on “as usual”, it is a complaint

B. If the complaint is in your head and it doesn’t make it out of your mouth, it doesn’t count against you (but try not to have anyone around witness your facial expressions)

C. If you are with people who are complaining, you don’t have to start over unless you are nodding your head vigorously in agreement

D. If you are reasonably self-aware, you are the one that makes the ultimate call on whether or not you have to start over or not.

E. If you are married and doing it together, be nice to each other.

F. If you start by saying “I hate it when” or “It drives me crazy when” or “It bugs the poop out of me”…99.999 percent chance that you just blew the diet.

G.The best “Take My Advice I’m Not Using It” Tip that worked for me…”Never Miss an Opportunity to Keep Your Mouth SHUT!!

If you like these “Marissa-isms” take a look at my 52 Card Pick (Me) Ups: Stacking the Deck for Life Balance with Dr. Marissa motivational cards on the next page or on Facebook. Many of the daily Balance Tips are housed there.  If you manage to put together an honest 21 consecutive days without complaining, I will gift you a pack of cards, just write me and let me know.

WARNING: This fast may be hazardous to anxiety, worry, hostility, anger or overall grumpiness. After 18 days, side effects may include euphoria and love and the lightness of being.
PS. Thank you to another one of my spiritual teachers Edwene Gaines for the kick in the love butt to run with this…she also says that if you can make 21 days in a row without complaining, you will be transcended…I actually had the honor of having her on my radio weekly talk radio show “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa” every Tuesday at ‘naturally high’ noon PST at Universal Broadcasting Network here is the link. 

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