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8 Ways to Happiness is for anyone who has stopped to ask themselves, “Am I happy?” or “Why am I not happy?”, and is not willing to spend 10 years in therapy or take a pill with side effects that make them feel even worse than they do now. Furthermore, it is for those who ARE taking medication for their “Dis-Ease” with life and STILL not feeling better. The 8 chapters are focused on common places that human beings get stuck, such as Loneliness, Loss, Hatred, Shame, and Heartbreak, with relatable snapshots and exercises to build new roads into Hope, Love, Faith, and Happiness. Dr. Marissa Pei’s own pain from the past and fear of the future identify with readers and relay a message of hope. She provides those struggling to find happiness with alternative ways of seeing their own reality, as well as a chance to practice balance tools that shovel out the shii-take from their past and return it as fertilizer for new seeds of understanding about the unique, beautiful, wonderful, precious beings we all are.

Wonderfully written! Easy and fun to read, it’s packed with great insights. If you feel unhappy more than you’d like, this is exactly the right book. I am so glad you found it!

Neale Donald Walsch, New York Times Best-selling author Conversations with God

I know strength. The kind of strength it takes to fight all the angles of adversity we face in life, as my dad gracefully role-modeled for me . Dr. Marissa has captured the essence of using inner strength and universal fortitude to process the necessary and unavoidable pain in life. You can discover the undefeated champion within you, by using this book to guide you to your strongest self!

Laila Ali, four-time undefeated boxing world champion and daughter of the great Muhammed Ali

The book you hold in your hands is a trustworthy guide to expanding inner happiness. Marissa Pei shares not only the work she has done with her clients, but the work she has done within herself, the challenges she has personally, victoriously walked through. Wise are those readers who allow her to give them a “peace” of her mind……8 Ways to Happiness awakens us to the fundamental happiness that is the birthright of every human being. I encourage you to read these pages slowly, take their practices to heart, and watch how they will bless your life.

Michael Bernard Beckwith, Oprah 100-Lister, Global Thought Leader and Founder Agape International Spiritual Center

People always ask me how I have managed to ageless since my role as Maryann on Gilligans island, and it’s really not a big secret…I credit a positive attitude and a vision for happiness which is why I adore Dr. Marissa’s book. 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are captures the essence of what it takes to live in happiness 88% of the time. It’s not only inspirational it’s motivational practical and perfect to have especially if you ever get stuck on a desert island!

Dawn Wells, Actress and Author of What would Maryann do?: A Guide to Life

Warning: Once you start reading the first few pages, you may not be able to put 8 Ways to Happiness down . . . even if you are already vibrantly happy. You may even skim the index breathlessly yearning to devour the content.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to re-discover our brilliance and our authentic selves; this book offers us the path. Dr. Marissa’s vibrant words and pages are laced with humor, wisdom and challenge. She claims, “You can rise above everything that stands in your way, and with this brilliant work your dreams are sure to become reality. Dive in and soar!

Werner Berger, Guinness World Records holder, Corporate Leadership Consultant, Best Selling Author and Adventurer

Are you “waiting” for the next fabulous event in your life to be the thing that will finally make you happy?

There is a sad moment when we become “grown ups” and realize that our childhood dream of wishing upon a star to get what we want is just not going to happen.  At that point, we are faced with two choices: live the rest of your life feeling like others are living the life you were meant to live, OR live the rest of your life living the life you were meant to live.  Happiness is the key to living the life that you “Wished Upon a Star” for and this is the book that will make that wish come true!

Erin Saxton, Multi Emmy Nominated Producer for Barbara Walters and The View

8 Ways to Happiness is a roadmap for fulfillment and engaged living that I consider a must read. Especially in today’s volatile times, Dr. Marissa Pei has found answers. She provides practical help, coupled with sharp writing and a keen sense of humor. I would suggest this book as a must read for every person I know.”

Cheryl Snapp Conner



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Dr. Marissa Pei Offers 8 Ways to Happiness in her New Book Release


June 13, 2018 – Los Angeles, Cali. – With increased conversation around unhappiness, hopelessness, side-effects and permanent solutions to temporary problems, people around the world are searching for a remedy for the feeling of “Dis-Ease and Dis-Satisfaction” with life.   In her new book, 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are, Dr. Marissa Pei, an organizational psychologist, is offering eight ways people can self-explore to find their own happiness. This self-help on steroids book includes exercises and promises that after reading and writing through all eight chapters, you will NEVER HATE YOURSELF the same way again!


Here’s an excerpt from 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are:

“This book is a Handbook for Happiness just for you.  “If you are stuck in Loneliness, there is a hand up with Hope.  If you are swimming in the grief of Loss, there is a lifesaver of Faith within your reach.  If your heart has been broken, there is a non-crazy glue called Love. If you are burning from Hatred, there is an ice-cold drink called Forgiveness.  If you are sinking from Shame, there is a lift called Dignity you can step into. If you are paralyzed in Fear, there is a power called Freedom. If you are in pain from Perfectionism, there is relief with Joy.  And if you are constricted from trying to control everything and everyone, let go into Happiness, 88% of the time.”

8 Ways to Happiness will hit stands on August 7.  Pre-orders are available now wherever books are sold.


While Dr. Marissa thinks therapy and regulated medications are appropriate for some; she believes that they are being used as a quick fix magic pill solution that acts like a bandaid covering a wound that gets even more infected in the darkness, and can even end up causing side-(swiping) effects that hurt more than help. Dr. Marissa has experienced this firsthand and decided to use her own past pain as a guiding thought when writing this book.  “Finding my own worth and ultimately choosing happiness was a challenge,” says Dr. Marissa. “But I knew that marinading in my past pain and being paralyzed by my future fear was using up my days and nights that I could never get back!” 8 Ways to Happiness will take readers on a tour of self discovery and provides those struggling to find happiness with alternative ways of seeing their own reality. Simply relating to the classics, it’s a cross between “I’m OK You’re Ok” and you’re STILL OK and “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” AND the BIG Stuff!


More information on Dr. Marissa and 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are is available at www.4balance.org