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“Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It!”

Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa

Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Positive Talk Radio Personality

Every Tuesday ‘naturally high” noon PST on Universal Broadcasting UBNRadio out of the Sunset Gower studios in Hollywood and after only 2 years, syndicated on NBC News Radio KCAA AM 1050 every Thursday at 7pm PST. The plethora of past Oprah guests in addition to winning many Asian Business and Heritage awards has let to her honrable moniker “the Asian Oprah”!
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Thank you for working to support equality and inclusion! It is always thrilling to see professionals and organizations work to include the Deaf community. I watched the video of the first episode and was impressed by the information contained in the discussion as well as the skill of the interpreter, Sharon. I will be happy to share this email with our staff and disseminate it from there.

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Red Carpet Interviews with Dr. Marissa at The City Gala

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Inspirational Speaker, Organizational Psychologist, Global Thought Leader, TV Commentator & Bestselling Author, On-Air Personality & Producer, Executive Life Coach and Consultant

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Dr. Marissa on Relationships

Dr. Marissa talks about Relationships on KUSI News…do they have to be difficult? No that is not a silly question!

Recipe Rehab with Dr. Marissa and Daughters

Dr. Marissa and her daughters are featured on the CBS Emmy Award Nominated Saturday Morning Cooking Show Recipe Rehab

What Makes Us Happy

What Makes Us Happy? Dr. Marissa is interviewed on the Red Carpet interview. Hear what she has to say.

Dr. Marissa Acceptance Speech

Awarded Asian Entrepreneur of the Year and most recently, the Asian Heritage Award, Best in Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Marissa Importance of Balance

Live Laugh Love Learn

In a friendly Universe

To walk through the pain of one’s past and the fear of one’s future and arrive at the door of the Present and receive each day as a Gift, and make the choice to Open my life. To know from the bottom of one’s soul to the top of one’s first chakra that All my needs are met, no matter what.
For in Harmony we are all Nourished. To be addicted to Joy and to have what we want and want what we have, to know that the LOVE we have been searching for is right inside of ourselves.

This is Balance

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