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Life Balance By the Sea

Does the critical voice in your head drive you nuts? Do you feel stuck? Are you haunted by past pain or worried about what the future will bring? Do you find it difficult to sit still and be thought free during meditation? Then join Dr. Marissa for a mini-workshop that teaches you Balance tools including a moving meditation practice called Balance Tai Qi Qong…that promotes Inner Peace, One Breath at a Time.  Created by Dr. Marissa Pei, your Personal Trainer to LiveLoveLaughLearn, this 28-minute Life Balance tool will help you nurture yourself with a Balanced Diet for a Healthy Body, a Critic-Free Mind, and a Clear Channel Soul.  Using 18 forms from her Chinese roots, this practice integrates the power and health benefits from the Ancient Wisdom of Tai Chi and Qi Qong with the freedom of New Thought, to alchemize into a Powerful tool for Individual Transformation.  Still meditation and other Balance Concepts will be covered for Monkey Brain relief!
Dr. Marissa…Host of the popular talk radio show “Take My Advice I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa, aka ”the kinder gentler ‘Dr. Laura’”, TV Commentator, Author, Teacher, Global Thought Leader, Singer-Songwriter, winner of the 2017 Iconic Woman of the Year Award, 2016 Podcast of the Year Award, 2014 Asian Heritage Award, 2014 AWE Lotus Award and 2012 Asian Entrepreneur of the Year now called “the Asian Oprah”, and her favorite title, Mom, will splatter you with Hope and Happiness in this exercise that has been called “Prayer in Motion” and “Slow-Dancing with a Friendly Universe”.

Next Workshop: Balance on the Beach
Date: Saturday July 15 10am-1pm
Location: Venice Beach (Details on location and parking will be sent as registered)
Self-Investment: $88 (8 is a lucky number in Chinese, homonym for Good Fortune $108 on-site

Pre-Registration Discount for Balance on the Beach
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for small group private retreats so make a date with your girlfriends to come Balance at the Beach!
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