TV Commentator and People Expert

Dr. Marissa can be seen on Discovery Channel, FOX and ABC TV specials, commenting on why people do weird things at work and at large (weird = illogical and irrational). Her TV show titles include, Totally Out of Control People, Nostradamus: A Scientific Inquiry, Surveillance in the Workplace, and Busted on the Job. On the Learning Channel, UFO’s: Put to the Test and Monster Myths featured her take on people’s ability and desire to believe in the unknown and the fear of the unknown. She has been featured expert on “Customer Satisfaction, not an oxymoron”, on the show Making It! KTLA channel 5, a relationship expert and a grief expert on KUSI. And her daughters joined her cooking on an Emmy-award nominated CBS show “Recipe Rehab”! These shows are re-aired at random, especially during holidays, so don’t be surprised if I am talking to you!

Global Thought Leader

Her Discovery Channel special “Hunting the Lost Symbol” which examines Dan Brown’s newest book has re-aired on Planet Green TV and now on the “DOC” Documentary Channel. Dr. Marissa is currently shooting a Pilot TV special Transformations: What’s Next? which is intended to balance out the reality shows that focus on “what’s wrong with people?!” and instead, follow people who have gone through the pain of transformation and emerge as beneficial presences on this planet. Dr. Marissa is also sought after on the Red Carpet for interviews on World Wisdom, Planet Patriotism and Ancient Wisdom New Thought Principles. Here’s a sample:

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Book for Media

Dr. Marissa & her daughters start Season 3 of the Emmy Award Nominated show Recipe Rehab on September 27th 2014 sharing her Ancient Chinese Secret Recipe “Pei Fried Rice.”

Dr. Marissa on KUSI News Channel January 2014 “Are Relationships Difficult? Click on the picture to see her answer…

Dr. Marissa produces her own cable show on SBTV entitled “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa”

“Take My Advice…” Television Show

Episode One: What’s on your Mind…How to stay Positive in the Midst of Doom and Gloom airing July through October 2009. Dr. Marissa puts on a “producer” hat for the first time (well second if you count being Executive Producer of the “Banana Slugs String Band” music video for kids back in 1994). In this show, a panel of professional guests talk about the current economic reality, how it impacts their lives, and how they cope with the stress. The host adds her 3 cents worth at the end of the show and people clap…the show was a repeat performer on Seal Beach TV and played weekly for several months. It was also nominated for a WAVE award in 2 categories.
Episode Two: What’s on your Mind…Outa the mouths of babes airing November 2009 to present. This follow-up show to the adult version was more of hit than the first, not because of the producers or directors but the talent. Four adorable frankly speaking kids talk about the economy, what their wish for the planet is, how to make peace and how the President could do a better job. Dr. Marissa’s daughters Chloe and Sarah were cub reporters in a segment piped in that showed that the average Main street summer kid strollers had no idea what “economic recession” was, but that their wish for ending pollution, hunger and war was heart-warming.