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Are you feeling stuck in your job?  Do you know that you’re more than your job?  Do you have a passion but are afraid that it won’t translate into putting food on the table?  Are you stuck in a high paying job that allows you to bring home the bacon but you want to stop eating meat? Do you have a business idea that will help you be a Beneficial presence on the planet that you are not sure how to translate into money energy? Then contact Dr. Marissa to schedule the beginning of bringing your idea to a fulfilling reality.  Here’s a recent Forbes magazine where I talk about some PR Branding strategies for a one-person business

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Executive Life Balance Coach

Are you ready to Balance Your Own Bottom Line?

“Dr. Marissa has a way of working with difficult leaders and getting changes in behavior that are nothing short of miraculous!”  SVP of Fortune 50 company (names not released to protect the guilty 😉

At Work: Executive Coaching

Fortune magazine says that the 2 biggest barriers to leadership success are perfectionism and taking things too personally.  Dr. Marissa uses her own Life Balance Coaching Process to help leaders help themselves, starting with letting go of the BS (Belief System) that common sense in common in organizations.  Her executive coaching process is a cross between I’m Ok you’re Ok therapy and Leadership Excellence training where individuals can learn how to be the best they can be and be better with those around them so that there is more joy and less stress at work.  Coaching engagements range from 3 to 8 months and can be structured to fit time and budget realities.


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Dr. Marissa also takes caller questions on the air, and uses her Life Balance tools to help with questions about relationships, career, faith and hope.

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Executive Life Coach

Are you feeling overwhelmed and would like to be more effective interpersonally at work? Dr. Marissa has worked with hundreds of leaders in Fortune 100 organizations who are technically brilliant, and have opportunities to be equally emotionally intelligent. Communication and Leadership skills are honed to a Balanced point. The sessions are catered to address the relevent specific timely and most apt for success areas so that the executive can have more joy and less stress at work…as well as for those around him/her. The average process takes 6 to 8 months, so there is an end in sight. Contact Dr. Marissa for a confidential needs assessment for yourself or one of your managers/directors today.

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