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Are you ready to Balance Your Own Bottom Line?

Come down to the Beach and work with Dr. Marissa on Balance and Happiness…it’s an investment in yourself because you ARE wrapped in a warm blanket of worthiness! The Life Balance Coaching TM process is a 6-8 month journey to You…and Happiness 88 percent of the time! You will learn how to balance your life platter on matters of self-image, health, relationships, work, money, and utilize Balance tools to exorcize worry, doubt and fear to put hope and happiness back on your plate!

Dr. Marissa also takes caller questions and uses her Life Balance tools to help with questions about relationships, career, faith and hope. Take a listen…

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Executive Life Coach

Are you feeling overwhelmed and would like to be more effective interpersonally at work? Dr. Marissa has worked with hundreds of leaders in Fortune 100 organizations who are technically brilliant, and have opportunities to be equally emotionally intelligent. Communication and Leadership skills are honed to a Balanced point. The sessions are catered to address the relevent specific timely and most apt for success areas so that the executive can have more joy and less stress at work…as well as for those around him/her. The average process takes 6 to 8 months, so there is an end in sight. Contact Dr. Marissa for a confidential needs assessment for yourself or one of your managers/directors today.

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Dr. Marissa Pei