Dr. Marissa Live
Speaker at the Amgen Conference in Seattle

Organizational Psychologist and Business Consultant

Strategic Planning, Teamwork, Change Management and Interpersonal Effectiveness

Dr. Marissa Pei has spent the last 25+ years consulting to a myriad of organizations on both coasts of the US and in Western Europe. Her satisfied client list includes companies like Johnson & Johnson, Mattel, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Bank of America, Loyola Marymount, Neutrogena, AT&T, UPS, Wells Fargo, Toyota, Allianz, Fluor Corporation, Panasonic, Los Angeles County, Exxon Chemical, Allied Signal, Unocal, Orange County Transportation Authority, Deloitte Touche, Amgen Pharmaceutical and the American Heart Association.

Dr. Marissa uses her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology to help individuals, groups and companies help themselves—in areas like strategic planning/management decision-making; executive coaching for improved interpersonal effectiveness, quality and continuous improvement [Learning Organization principles] cross-functional and self-directed teamwork; information systems implementation; sexual harrassment and cross-cultural diversity. In other words, helping people deal with natural and yet sometimes aggravating human tendencies like power, politics, miscommunication and conflict—so that they help and not hurt the individual and organization.

Dr. Marissa’s Private Consulting Practice includes:

Strategic Planning  |  Managing Change  |  Team-Building  |  Executive Coaching  |  Valuing Diversity

Dr. Marissa with Hillary Clinton
Dr. Marissa with Hillary Clinton

Visit to Washington DC

Business and Media Award
Dr. Marissa received the 2005 Role Model of the Year Award in Business and Media Award at the National…conference.  Pictured here with the first woman President…we’ll see!
In addition to consulting, Dr. Pei was a graduate school professor for 10 years, teaching at various institutions including Boston University Brussels, European Business School, Claremont College, Antioch University, Alliant University, and 6 years at the Anderson Graduate School of Management UCLA.

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